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Call girls or prostitutes – Whats is the difference?

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Las Vegas Call Girls

For a long time there is a confusion between las vegas call girls and prostitutes.

Due to the involvement of escort in sex-related activities, they are compared with prostitutes. The question that arises in mind now is what is the difference between call girls and prostitutes? The answer is,


Escort and prostitute are different. Where escorts work as a companion that one can hire for any purpose, it could be dinner, a casual hangout or a flirty chatting girlfriend to spend time with.

Whereas prostitutes are one who provides only sex and sex-related services in exchange for money.


There are several major differences between call girls and prostitutes. These are:-


  • Legality:- when we talk about law or legality, there comes the biggest difference. Escorts are legal while prostitutes are not, why? Because prostitutes work only as a sex worker who in exchange of money, do sexual acts whereas an escort is a hired companion who follows us and perform different social activities which includes dinner, meetings, parties, hangouts and intimate time spending, escorts got paid for their company.


  • Professionalism:- Escorts are legal workers who have licenses authorized by the government and work under authorized agencies, whereas a prostitute can be picked from any streets and brothels. For hiring an escort you need to pre-book escort services from any legal escort agency.


  • Payment:- Prostitute got paid for having sex, they do not provide any other service except having sex. Meanwhile, escorts are paid more than prostitutes, because of their beauty and handsomeness as escort service is provided by both men and women. Escorts follow their clients whereas a prostitute is not asked to follow or give companionship to their clients.


  • Reason of approach:- Prostitutes are approached for just having sex, and unlike prostitutes, escorts are hired for enjoyment and entertainment purposes like watching a match, having dinner, hanging around.


  • Accessibility:- Call girls are professionals, thus to get access to an escort service, you need to contact and book the escort service through escort agencies. Meanwhile, prostitutes can be found on the streets and brothels.


  • Choices:- Call girls service is a professional business thus each client gets the choice to hire their favorite escort among available for service, they act and spend time according to the client’s requirement. Mean while under the case of prostitutes, clients don’t have a choice.


These are some of the main differences, and yes the call girls also provide sexual services to their clients, but it is on their own will and nor client nor agency can force any escort to provide services they don’t want to deliver.


Another small difference between an call girl and a prostitute is that the main goal of a prostitute is just to acquire money in exchange for sex, while las vegas call girls focus on client’s satisfaction through their services.





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