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Questions to Ask During a Date

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First dates are generally exciting. However, you may be jittery when going on a first date. But, though the first date is more about interrogating and questioning each other, it’s also about maintaining a conversation and having fun.

It’s important to note that some questions are simply bad. These are questions to avoid during the first date. Therefore, to avoid sounding pathetic or looking ridiculous, know the right questions to ask during the first date.

Remember that each date is unique and special. Thus, though there are general questions to ask during a date, they should guide you in gauging a potential future. Pay attention to how a girl answers these questions to learn about her and determine whether she has what you are looking for.

Do You Enjoy What You Do?

Ask this question when talking about work during the date and pay attention to the way she answers. Life is full of difficulties and hurdles. Some people do something about the difficulties and hurdles. Whiners on the other hand whine about them and do nothing to overcome the difficulties. If she whines about her job, she will most likely whine about your future relationship. Use this question to know your date and understand how she copes with difficulties in life.

How Do You Handle a Tough Day?

Although this might seem like a simple question that won’t put your date on spot, it will reveal much about her life and attitude. Everybody has a bad day. But, how you cope with a shitty day is what matters. Some people jog off frustrations while others lock themselves up. There are also people that spend time contemplating or watching movies when having a bad day. So, find out how you will be dealing with difficulties if you hook up by asking this question.

For How Long Have You Been Single?

In most cases, this is a personal question. However, you are meeting up to determine whether you can hook up. This question enables you to determine whether your date wants true love or just a rebound relationship. What’s more, the answer to this question will tell you more about how your date views life.

Generally, some people love drama. Others are not happy when things are smooth and pleasant in a relationship. They need the excitement that comes with intense happiness and frustrations of making up and breaking up. So, ask this question to know how your date perceives life and relationships.

How Long Did Your Longest Relationship Last?

This question will enable you to understand the approach that your date has towards life. Being in a long-term relationship is not easy. It takes determination, love, and compromises. Unfortunately, many people lack what long-term relationships take. And changing their ways is not possible. So, if your date has not had a relationship lasting for at least one year, something is not right.

How do you Spend Your Weekends?

This is a simple question but very revealing. Weekends provide the time to do what makes you happy and relaxed. Find out whether what your date does over the weekend makes her more interesting or if it defines her. Also find out whether it is in line with your hobbies or interests.

Remember that the questions that you ask can make or break the date. What’s more, bear in mind the fact that a date is not about reciting questions. It’s about holding a great conversation and having fun.


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