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What is Cholesterol Any Way?

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What is cholesterol anyway? Cholesterol is a waxy substance produced by the liver and other body tissues. It carries vitamins and nutrients to all parts of the body. Cholesterol is needed for the production of many substances, such as the skin, hair and hormones.

According to female escorts, cholesterol can be classified into two types. One is “good” cholesterol, which we need. The other is “bad” cholesterol. Good cholesterol is necessary for cell division, building cell structure and regulation of nerve and hormone function. Bad cholesterol clogs the arteries and contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease.

Most doctors recommend that we reduce our intake of saturated fats in our diet and increase the amount of unsaturated fats that we do consume. However, there are many different kinds of foods that contain high levels of cholesterol. Some of these foods include organ meats (such as liver and kidney), some types of seafood and poultry and large amounts of nuts, seeds and eggs. These are foods that are high in cholesterol and therefore should be eaten in moderation.

Many foods will help to lower the levels of cholesterol. For example, it has been shown that consuming grapefruit juice lowers levels of LDL cholesterol. Foods that are high in fiber also lower LDL and raise HDL levels in the blood stream. Some fruits that have a high fiber content are pears, apples and oatmeal. Some vegetables that are high in fiber include barley, peas and cabbage.

Other foods can help to reduce cholesterol levels. For example, there are certain herbs and spices that when consumed regularly can help to reduce cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels in the blood stream. Garlic and onions are both excellent at controlling cholesterol levels and are found in many different foods. Olive oil is a good alternative to conventional vegetable oils and can also help to reduce cholesterol levels.

Exercise is another great way to control cholesterol. The more you exercise, the more your body will lose weight and the less fat it will store. This will help to reduce the amount of LDL that is present in the blood stream. Consuming a diet high in fiber and fish can help to reduce the amount of LDL that you take in and increase HDL. By eating and exercising a reasonable amount each day, your health will improve and so will your cholesterol level.

Your diet can also help to lower cholesterol. By eating foods high in fiber, including whole grains and legumes, you can naturally lower your cholesterol levels. You may need to experiment with which types of foods work best for you in order to get the desired results. There are a number of books available to help you figure out what your individual dietary needs are and to build a customized, healthy eating plan to help you reduce LDL and increase HDL.

What is cholesterol anyway? Can you lower it naturally? Absolutely! The healthier your diet is, the lower your LDL and increase your HDL. Follow the above mentioned tips to lower your cholesterol and you can get rid of the risk of heart disease and other serious health problems.


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